Fore Protocol


Earn FORE through bringing new users on to FORE Predict.
You can generate revenue through creating, participating in, and validating prediction markets on FORE Predict. Now, you can earn even more FORE through simply bringing new users to FORE.
It’s simple:
  • CONNECT: Connect your wallet to FORE Predict and click ‘Referral’
  • SHARE: Generate your unique referral link and share it with your friends!
  • EARN: You earn 1% of markets positions and 1% of NFTs minted via your link
  • CLAIM: Claim your FORE rewards immediately, or wait to unlock greater rewards
What’s in it for your friends and family?
  • $10 off their first position in a market (referee gets $10 back when their market participation totals $50 worth of FORE)
  • 5% discount on their first Analyst NFT mint (referee gets 50 FORE back when they mint an Analyst NFT)