Phase Three


Phase Three will focus on converting holders into users across three core user profiles:

  • Creators: Creators are an important part of the protocol as they populate it with relevant, interesting, and unique markets

  • Analysts: Analysts are essential to the scalability of the protocol, as they validate the market results to enable trustless, efficient, and fast payouts

  • Players: Players are the most critical part of the protocol as they bring the revenue to be able to reward all participants. In this phase, the focus will be to convert all participants (holders, analysts, creators) into players, with the goal to achieve a rate of 80% players on the protocol

Over the course of the previous phases, data will be captured on holders, community members, and prospective users to identify their role in the ecosystem and funnel them into their respective activity. The initial focus on DeFi Natives in the previous phases enables us to build out our core infrastructure of Creators and Analysts, ensuring plenty of available markets in which to participate in, and efficient validation of markets to ensure fast payout.

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