NFT Tiers

Users validate market results by holding an Analyst NFT and staking it on a resolved marketโ€™s outcome. Claimable rewards are directly proportional to the โ€œsizeโ€ (or โ€œpowerโ€) of the NFT. Everyone starts at the same โ€œpowerโ€ level and can increase their NFT size with consecutive accurate validations of market outcomes.

Each NFT is created with a blue rank (0 or n/a) and can be increased over time depending on the number of accurate validations. Each user can evolve the tier of their NFT if enough verifications are collected to increase its power. When a user has a string of consecutively successful validations, their NFT advances to a new card, which in turn increases the user's locked FORE and percentage share of the market. In this way, users are incentivized to maintain their validation streak as they progress through the tiers.

For the first 45 days of main net, we have reduced the number of validations required to level up your NFT tiers to the following: 5 validations to Silver, 15 validations to Gold, and 25 validations to Black. After the initial launch period, we will increase the number of validations required to level up your NFT. As such, day one Analysts will be able to level up their NFT much faster, unlocking far greater reward multipliers.

Note: To achieve a successful validation in order to level up your NFT, you must compound your rewards into the NFT to increase its power. You are free to withdraw the rewards, but this will not increase the earning power of your NFT.

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