Dispute Resolution

If market participants disagree on an outcome, FORE has created an innovative dispute resolution mechanism that allows for a final check and referees. While any user can be a dispute creator, the High Guard is a collective of active Analysts with Black NFTs (the highest tier) who have proven their loyalty to the community and the protocol. Dispute creators and High Guards work together to perform dispute resolution roles, are responsible for making sure that Analysts are accurately validating outcomes, and hold each other group accountable. This mechanism provides market participants with a way to report any violations or concerns they have about markets and/or their results. Dispute creators and High Guards are likely to step in where they see mispriced odds, bringing odds closer to reflect reality. This change in odds may drive greater activity in the secondary market, as existing market participants no longer find their market proportion (and its potential payout) appealing. These users also step in when they see inaccurately titled, timed, or validated markets, ensuring the overall quality of the markets (and user experience) on FORE Predict.

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