Target Audiences

Our userbase can be segmented into three core target audiences:

DeFi Native

Crypto Bettor

Traditional Bettor

This profile navigates around the DeFi space with ease. Whether banks, exchanges, or bookmakers, they don’t trust centralized entities: control over their own assets is important to them, and they’re comfortable using decentralized wallet interfaces. This is the primary (and easiest) audience to convert and onboard.

This profile is fascinated by game theory and sees the crypto industry as a game of skill - trying to capitalize on market trends and inefficiencies. They’re also interested in traditional betting like sports, and thus sit at the intersection of the DeFi Native and the Traditional Bettor. This secondary audience will be onboarded with moderate ease.

Whether online or brick and mortar, the Traditional Bettor is familiar with the typical gambling ecosystem. They hold a small amount of Bitcoin / Ethereum on a centralized exchange, but haven’t dabbled in crypto beyond that due to lack of understanding. This tertiary audience will be the most difficult to onboard, but provides the greatest opportunity for scale.

Taking this staggered approach allows us to provide the right messaging at the right stages of our user acquisition funnel to optimize conversion, create an informed and engaged user base, and drive revenue to sustain a flywheel of activity.

Within these three core groups, Audience profiles will be built using the following levers: their level of understanding of the space, their intended use of the protocol, their risk profile, their interests (across sectors), and the region in which they reside. This will enable us to create highly-targeted campaigns that address user pain points and needs, in their language, via their preferred medium.

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