Verification Phase

  • The verification phase begins at the time and date set by the market creator in market configuration

  • The minimum time for validation is 12 hours. The maximum time is 96 hours, but markets can be resolved before if sufficient power has been voted on the outcome after 12 hours.

  • In order to verify a market, users must hold an Analyst NFT (these can either be minted or bought on FORE’s NFT Marketplace)

  • Once a user votes their NFT on this market, it will be held in a smart contract until market resolution

  • The amount of rewards paid out to each Analyst is proportional to their vote in the market (dependent on the locked FORE in their respective NFTs).

  • To achieve a successful validation in order to level up your NFT, you must compound your rewards into the NFT to increase its power. You are free to withdraw the rewards, but this will not increase the earning power of your NFT.

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