How to Dispute A Market

Unsure how to raise a market dispute on FORE Predict? Watch our step-by-step tutorial and learn the easy way in minutes.

FORE has created and implemented an innovative dispute resolution mechanism that allows for a final check and referees. If market participants disagree on an outcome, they have the opportunity to report any violations or concerns they have about the analyst's results.

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Step-by-step guide on how to dispute a market on FORE:

Step 1: Markets are accessible during the verification phase after the verification date and time specified by the market creator. After the verification phase ends, the dispute period begins. The minimum time for dispute is 12 hours, and the maximum time is 96 hours.

Step 2: After the validation window closes, the dispute button will become available. It is visible for 1 hour (current setting, but most likely to be increased).

Click "Raise Dispute" if you think the result of the verification is incorrect.

Step 4: A dialog box will appear. You can state the reason for filing a dispute in the blank provided and put in a valid source to back up your claim. Click "Start Dispute." Make sure you have available FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed.

Step 5: Check your wallet notification to confirm your transaction. Click β€œConfirm” to indicate that you intend to send the transaction to the blockchain.

When a market is fully validated, the remaining time from the validation window gets added to the available time to open a dispute.

The presence of a dispute blocks the market closure until the dispute is resolved. The dispute is resolved by High Guard.

If no dispute has been raised during the specified time frame, the market can be closed.

If the creator of the dispute was correct (eg the verified market outcome did not accurately reflect reality), the dispute creator will receive a reward. Otherwise, the tokens used to start the dispute will be withdrawn.

The amount of the reward is determined when the dispute is resolved and the market closes.

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