Phase Five


After we have established a successful protocol within the DeFi space, Phase Four will focus on expanding our user base beyond crypto to begin to take market share from traditional prediction markets like casinos and bookmakers. Expanding into the Traditional Bettors space will initially increase cost of acquisition but will also increase customer lifetime value. Meanwhile, our analytics function will continually work to drive down cost of acquisition and increase ROI of campaigns.

Subsequent iterations of the protocol will expand our offering to appeal to features traditional bettors are accustomed to, from parlay bets through to β€˜copy betting’ (enabling users to copy the bets of successful bettors). But DeFi prediction markets have failed to capture market share from traditional markets due to the difficulty in onboarding newcomers into DeFi. FORE Predict will have a fiat onramp (cash to crypto) to enable access via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and more.

Throughout our entire go to market strategy, our focus is optimizing and simplifying the user experience to reduce friction for user acquisition. This will culminate in a mobile app in order to provide a seamless user experience for bettors on the go.

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