Resolution Phase

  • At the end of the dispute phase, the resolution phase begins, with two outcomes

    • Payout released (occurs when no dispute / won A/B)

      • 95% of total market value is distributed amongst winning participants

      • The market fee (5%) is redistributed:

        • 0.5% to the creator

        • 2% to validator (or High Guard)

        • 1% burned

        • 1.5% to foundation

    • Refund released (occurs when draw / invalid market occurs)

      • In the case of a draw:

        • Players are refunded (minus fees)

        • Analysts refunded in full

        • 50% of analyst rewards burned

        • 50% of analyst rewards are sent to the High Guard

        • Dispute Creator loses Dispute Fee (shared among High Guard)

      • In the case of an invalid market:

        • Analysts and players are refunded in full

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