Players are protocol participants who take a position in any market. Fore Predict’s tokenized approach is designed to help market participants gain access to more liquid, decentralized, and varied prediction, insurance, and hedging options. Meanwhile, players enjoy zero counterparty risk, better odds, incredibly low fees, and transparent and trustless market resolution.

There is a unique opportunity for arbitrage on FORE Predict, because all outcomes start out with equal probability. This creates an arbitrage opportunity that will attract early adopters as well as arbitrageurs, who will clearly see that real-world probabilities are not initially reflected in the market structure. Over time, this opportunity will be bid away as additional participants race in to take advantage of the arbitrage. The strategic use of arbitrage opportunities will create a unique incentive structure that will uniquely benefit participants, as opposed to a centralized entity as would typically occur in traditional prediction markets. In traditional prediction markets, market inefficiencies benefit the centralized entity. On FORE Predict, they benefit the user.

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