Go-To-Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy is underpinned by solving real-world problems for our users, and data is critical in understanding the user and their needs. We are using thousands of data points to understand personality traits, interests, demographics, online behavior, and protocol behavior to:

  • Identify prospective users who are most likely to convert

  • Optimize marketing and product to overcome barriers to conversion

  • Convert prospects into users (and users into players)

  • Continually reduce cost of acquisition

We are striving to build a complete view of our users and prospects in order to achieve the most intelligent targeting possible – connecting their demographics and regional data, their online behavior and interests, their betting behavior (on the platform), and their wider financial behavior (all transactions carried out on the blockchain). FORE Predict is the first platform to be able to connect these different data points to enable an all-encompassing view of our users.

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