Purchase ETH on Arbitrum for gas fees

A. Bridge ETH on the Ethereum chain (using RocketX)

  1. Open the RocketX exchange website: https://app.rocketx.exchange/swap/

  1. Select ‘Ethereum network’ and then ‘ETH’

  2. Then select ‘Arbitrum network’ and then ‘ETH’

  1. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to bridge from the Ethereum network to Arbitrum

  2. Confirm transaction in wallet, wait for blockchain confirmation.

B. Alternatively, you can swap any asset you currently have to ETH on the Arbitrum network using Rocket X.

  1. Open RocketX website.

  1. Select your preferred chain and any asset you want to swap

  1. Select ‘Arbitrum network’ and then ‘ETH’

  1. Put the amount you want to swap, then click 'Swap'.

  2. Verify the details, then confirm the transaction.

  3. Wait for the transaction confirmation.

C. Purchase Ethereum on Arbitrum directly from MetaMask

  1. Open MetaMask and ensure you're connected.

  2. Within the MetaMask wallet, find and click on the 'Buy' tab.

  1. Different regions have different payment options and payment methods.

  1. Select 'ETH' as the token and 'Arbitrum' as the network you want to purchase on.

  1. Input the amount you wish to spend in your local currency (e.g., if you want to spend $100 on ETH, enter 100).

  1. The quotes from different available providers will be displayed. Review them and select the most agreeable one to proceed.

  2. You'll be securely redirected to the provider's website. Finalize your purchase according to their instructions.

  1. Once successful, the ETH will be directly deposited into your MetaMask wallet on the Arbitrum network.

    Note: Please note that availability of this feature can vary by region and provider. Always ensure that you're following all security protocols when purchasing cryptocurrency.

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