Infinitely-Scalable Oracle

The current prediction landscape lacks a truly scalable oracle, reliant instead upon a fragmented marketplace of APIs and data providers for various sectors and outcomes. In FORE Protocol’s proprietary NFT validation model, a decentralized network of validators (or "analysts") perform the role of oracle by uploading the results from real-world events to the protocol. They act as the market's 'architects' and are responsible for verifying that a given outcome is accurate and ensuring that all payouts are correctly executed. In doing so, the protocol can β€œindex” real-world outcomes on any real-world event (in much the same way Google indexes real-world information) to create an infinitely scalable predictions protocol.

"We initially set out to offer preferable odds to users by using machine learning and analytics to come up with better pricing. But what we quickly realized was that the core problem was actually centralization, not just pricing. So, we pivoted to create the best peer-to-peer, decentralized prediction ecosystem - one that would not only provide better arbitrage opportunities, but one that would distribute rewards to users that traditionally would have gone to centralized entities."

Merv Merzoug, CEO + CO-Founder

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