How to Vote with your Analyst NFT

Unlock the power of your NFTs and vote with it on markets on FORE Predict. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and start participating now.

FORE Protocol's NFT validation model is an innovative and disruptive technology that allows NFTs to be used to vote against a market's analyst outcome. The percentage payout, or 'analyst reward', is based on the FORE locked in NFT. As an analyst, you are rewarded with bonuses when you have a string of consecutively successful validations. The NFT of an analyst advances from one tier to the next, and your locked FORE increases as you move up through tiers. On the other hand, NFTs voted against an incorrect outcome due to inaccurate validation will return to the card's base level, and the FORE locked in NFT will suffer a penalty.

Get a visual guide to "How to Vote with your Analyst NFT" by clicking here to watch our video tutorial.

Step-by-step guide on how to vote an NFT on an outcome on FORE:

Step 1: In order to vote an NFT, you first need to β€œmint” a new NFT. (Users must hold FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed, and must 'approve' spend before minting an NFT.) After successfully minting an NFT, go to the Analyst page, and select a market you want to validate.

Click here to learn β€œHow to Mint an Analyst NFT.”

Step 2: Choose an NFT from the list of available NFTs and click 'Stake NFT.'

Note: You can vote more than one time.

Step 3: Check your wallet notification to confirm your transaction. This indicates that you intend to send the transaction to the blockchain.

Example: In MetaMask, click β€˜Confirm’ to approve your transaction.

Step 7: When the transaction is complete, you will be prompted with a confirmation message that you have successfully staked your NFT on that market.

Note: To achieve a successful validation in order to level up your NFT, you must compound your rewards into the NFT to increase its power. You are free to withdraw the rewards, but this will not increase the earning power of your NFT.

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