How to become a validator

How to get started validating markets on FORE Predict.

Getting started

Anyone can become a validator on FORE Predict by either minting or buying an Analyst NFT.

  1. Users must 'approve' spend before minting an NFT. Make sure you have available FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed.

  2. Mint a blue Analyst NFT with 1,000 FORE

    1. This 1,000 FORE is your starting β€˜power’

    2. Your power will increase over time with accurate validations

    3. The more power in your NFT, the greater share of rewards you earn per market

  1. Buy any NFT on FORE Marketplace

    1. Search for different tiers and power NFTs to suit your needs

    2. You can level up your NFT and sell it back on the Marketplace

Start validating

  1. On the FORE Predict app, click the "Analyst" tab.

  2. Select the market you wish to validate.

    1. You can filter by market close time, category, volume, and more.

  3. Choose β€˜YES’ or β€˜NO’ based on the confirmed market result from a reliable source.

    1. Note: Incorrect validation will lead to the burning of your NFT.

  4. Select your Analyst NFT and click "Stake NFT." Users must hold FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed.

    1. If you don’t have an NFT, you can mint or buy one in the Marketplace. Users must 'approve' spend before minting an NFT.

  5. That’s it! Once the market closes, you will be able to claim or compound your rewards (learn more on this in the next section).

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