Phase One


In the crypto space, building a robust community is critical to laying the foundation of prospective holders and users. In Phase One, a growing database of over a million users with a high likelihood of conversion will be targeted based on their online behavior (e.g. active crypto user, visiting online bookmakers, following competitors, tweeting about key events).

The primary focus of this phase is to test key hypotheses in regards to who our target audience is, what resonates with them, how to convert them into users, and how to optimize our marketing activity (and product). These users will be targeted through direct user acquisition campaigns via a series of hypothesis groups (e.g. a sports betting DeFi Native that loves NFL) and funneled into community channels, where community advocates and team members will work to convert community into prospective holders. This group will:

  • Feedback on product, business development, design, and marketing initiatives

  • Collect and synthesize community feedback and sentiment

  • Drive brand awareness and social presence

  • Drive community education and lead generation

  • Aid in driving product adoption and retention

  • Become the base of prospective holders

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