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FORE Predict is a peer to peer, people powered predictions platform where users hold the power, shifts the power away from centralized entities to create an opportunity for all participants to take part, and all participants to share in the rewards. Players participate in markets against each other and enjoy zero counterparty risk, market-determined odds, incredibly low fees, and transparent and trustless market resolution. Because users create the markets themselves, there can be more than one market on any given event or outcome on FORE Predict with varying liquidity, odds, and participation, creating opportunities for arbitrage within the platform itself. Fees are low and completely transparent, and even redistributed back to users. Importantly, we don’t determine the odds, you do. Taking a position on the outcome of an event is a zero-sum game, so there are always going to be winners and losers, so while we cannot guarantee that all Players taking a position on an outcome will win, we can guarantee that Players can participate in markets on a platform that is fair, transparent, and rewards you for your activity. In this guide, we’ll cover:

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