Phase Two


Converting community members to holders is the first conversion milestone in our user acquisition strategy, and will create a base of engaged (and invested) prospective users ahead of protocol launch. All users will need to hold FORE in order to use the platform, and so Phase Two will focus on converting community members to holders in order to reduce the friction of conversion to users in the next phase.

Ahead of the launch of the FORE token itself (the sole currency on the platform), activity will be focused on educating users about the token’s utility and the opportunities it unlocks for earning rewards through participation.

The value of the network effect cannot be understated, and plays a key role in the success of projects within the crypto space. In line with our wider ethos to reward productive activity on the protocol, we will create the same structure within our communities. We will cultivate an environment of meritocracy by rewarding and promoting community members proportionate to their level of participation and value to the ecosystem through ambassador and social mining programs: empowering and incentivizing them to grow, improve, moderate, and educate our community via their skills and network. Utilizing our community to bring in new users creates a pipeline of productive ecosystem participants that can be funneled to the protocol when ready.

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