How to become the ultimate validator

Alongside compounding, upgrading, and fast-tracking your earnings, there are a number of other strategies that can help you become a top-tier validator and earn maximum rewards.

  • Be prepared: Mint Your NFTs Beforehand. Plan ahead and budget for NFT minting before validating. It costs 1000 FORE to mint an NFT on FORE's NFT Marketplace, and you don't want to waste time during validation. You can mint as many NFTs as your amount of available FORE allows.

  • Be prompt: Time is of the essence when it comes to validating market outcomes. Markets close upon full validation, making timeliness crucial. As an analyst, it's essential to validate markets promptly to maintain the stability of the protocol, ensure efficient payouts, and prevent markets from becoming invalid.

  • Filter markets: Use the filter within the Analyst page to find the best opportunities to use your NFTs. Keep in mind that time is of the essence here, as the validation period is capped at 24 hours with a 96-hour dispute window. If the market you validated fails to reach 100% valuation status within this timeframe, your NFT will be stuck in that market. Utilizing the filter tab can help you identify the most favorable markets to validate (closing soonest, and/or highest reward pool), especially if you have a limited number of NFTs. Selecting the appropriate market for your NFT can help you reduce your turnaround time and increase your chances of earning more FORE.

  • Only validate valid markets: Not all markets are created equally. Some markets may have ambiguous market titles, subjective results, or incorrect prediction or validation times. Validating a poorly created or invalid market that is doomed for Dispute will result in your NFT being held for longer in a Dispute phase. As you can see, the above market is impossible to validate because it cannot be answered with a clear-cut "yes" or "no,", and there is no reliable source to confirm the outcome. Avoid validating, participating in, and creating invalid markets!

  • Re-read the market prompt and data: Once you have established the market is valid, make sure to fully read and understand the prediction and any stipulations outlined in the market creation before validating Yes or No. Once you confirm the transaction, it is locked in a smart contract, and it can no longer be changed. Choosing the wrong side can result in the loss of your hard-earned NFT power.

  • Build a diverse NFT portfolio: Know what is required to bring validation to completion. Don't waste a high-powered NFT on a low-reward market. Having a portfolio of NFTs with varying degrees of power is important to maximize your earning potential.

  • Regularly Check Your NFT Portfolio: Look at the NFT tab within your Portfolio to see if you've met the required number of validations to upgrade tiers.

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