Resolution Phase


At the end of the dispute phase, the resolution phase begins, with two outcomes:

  • Payout released (occurs when no dispute / won A/B)

  • Refund released (occurs when draw / invalid market occurs)

When the payout is released:

  • 95% of total market value is distributed amongst winning participants

  • The market fee (5%) is redistributed:

    • 0.5% to the creator

    • 2% to validator (or High Guard)

    • 1% burned

    • 1.5% to foundation

Player Reward

The amount of players' rewards is the size of the market less any of the rewards set aside for market settlement. Player reward is calculated in proportion to the player's contribution. Any user can initiate a withdrawal for any player.

Part of the rewards are automatically distributed at the close of the market: Dispute Creator reward*, High Guard reward*, Token Burning, Fore Foundation reward, Fore Creators reward.

Analyst Reward

The rewards are received by the analysts of the winning side. The reward is a part of the rewards intended for Analysts in proportion to the amount of power voted on an outcome. The reward is awarded as an additional vNFT power. Any user can initiate a withdrawal for any analyst.

Market Owner Reward

The reward is received by the Market Owner. The owner must have an mNFT to receive the award. The mNFT is burned at the moment the reward is received.

When the refund is released:

  • In the case of a draw:

    • Players are refunded (minus fees)

    • Analysts refunded in full

    • 50% of analyst rewards burned

    • 50% of analyst rewards are sent to the High Guard Dispute Creator loses Dispute Fee (shared among High Guard)

  • In the case of an invalid market:

    • Analysts and players are refunded in full

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