Market analysts are the protocol participants responsible for validating a market's outcome based on a reputable source of results. If a market depends on the result of a sports game, the result source may be the final score of that game as reported by a verified news outlet. Via this model, FORE indexes real-world outcomes via real-world people, creating a prediction protocol that is infinitely scalable and able to offer markets on any real world event. Analysts collectively act as a decentralized oracle by confirming outcomes on the protocol.

This role is critical to FORE Predict (and its expansion into other solutions) because they act as the 'architects'; they are responsible for verifying a given outcome is accurate, reporting their findings to the blockchain, and ensuring that all payouts are correctly executed. Validators are given a trust score which indicates their ability to validate and allows them to earn greater protocol validation rewards. In order to maintain healthy homeostasis of the protocol, analysts are incentivized with both positive and negative incentives to ensure that market results are validated accurately and in a timely manner.

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