Blockchain Infrastructure

FORE is not a โ€˜blockchain projectโ€™, but rather a technology company using blockchain as the conduit to connect users to each other in the form of prediction markets (in a more efficient, cost effective, and scalable way than before).

FORE Protocol is fundamentally a suite of tools built to facilitate community creation, participation, and validation of peer-to-peer markets on the blockchain. It is a protocol that allows users to create their own prediction markets, participate in prediction markets, and validate prediction markets, and is not a prediction market itself: the creation of individual prediction markets on FORE Predict is entirely independent from FORE. The FORE Protocol is simply open-source software that is used to construct prediction markets, and can be integrated into any EVM-compatible blockchain โ€“ with the goal to become a chain-agnostic protocol for ultimate accessibility for users (with new chains integrated based on user demand and opportunities for scale).

Smart contracts automatically determine market odds based on user-participation, securely control the pool of funds collected from participants, and fairly and transparently distribute payouts upon market resolution. Smart contracts also control the automatic redistribution of fees to participants for all productive activity on the protocol, enabling FORE to invert the incentive model of traditional predictions to reward all users. Furthermore, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain: ensuring activity, payouts, and fee structure are completely transparent. FORE never has access to users' funds.

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