How to become a market creator

How to get started creating markets on FORE Predict.

Getting started

Anyone can become a creator on FORE Predict with at least 10 FORE.

Create a Market

  1. Open the FORE Predict App and go to the β€œCreator” tab.

  2. Users must 'approve' spend before initiating a market creation.

  3. Fill in the necessary details to "create a market."

    1. Market title

    2. Market description (if desired)

    3. Market category

    4. Tags (if applicable)

    5. Prediction phase closure

    6. Validation phase start

    7. Validation source (Optional) - Use https:// (with the s) for the validation source to be valid.

    8. Starting odds (Optional)

  4. Check the market data to ensure all fields are complete. Make sure you have available FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed.

  5. Click "CREATE MARKET" to confirm the transaction.

  6. Your market is now set up and ready for participation! Players can start engaging with your market.

  7. After the market closes, you can start claiming your rewards.

Learn how to create a winning market.

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