Token - quantitative unit of a crypto asset, usually ERC20 or ERC721 tokens.

vNFT - Analyst NFT

mNFT - Creator NFT

Prediction Market / Fore Market / Market - a two-sided pool of Fore tokens

Market Type - determines the logic of predictions and distribution of rewards

Market side - one of the sides of the market pool

Market size - the amount of tokens(sum) on the two sides of the market

Prediction side size - the amount of tokens on one side of the market

Prediction - contribution of tokens to the selected side of the market

Power of vNFT - the amount of tokens voted in vNFT

Power of validation - part of the vNFT power used for validation

The power of full validation of a side - the power necessary for the full validation of one of the sides

Insufficient power - insufficient power to verify one of the sides

The power of validation of a side - the power of validation of one of the sides of the market

Validation pool - a two-sided pool of validation powers of the sides

Validation - vNFT contribution to increasing the validation power of one of the sides

Completion of validation- completing insufficient power for one of the sides

Dispute - a request sent to HighGuard to verify the accuracy of the result of the validation of the market

Closing of the market - records the result and the start of the reward phase.

Dispute resolution - decision making and market closure executed by HighGuard

IPFS - InterPlanetary File System

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