Dispute Phase


  • After the verification phase ends, the dispute period begins. The minimum time for dispute is 12 hours, and the maximum time is 96 hours.

  • Users and High Guards can create a dispute by voting FORE as a โ€˜dispute feeโ€™ (returned to the dispute creator if the dispute is deemed necessary). The dispute phase has four outcomes:

    • No dispute: validation was correct.

    • Won A/B: Analysts who validated the wrong outcome lose their NFTs and the FORE locked into it.

      • Successful dispute: Dispute creator receives dispute fee back and 50% of FORE locked into incorrect Analystsโ€™ NFTs (other 50% is sent to the High Guard).

      • Unsuccessful dispute: Dispute fee is sent to the High Guard (100%), NFTs and FORE from wrong validators burned.

    • Draw (validation power is equal and not zero): the verifier award is divided equally among the High Guard and the creator of the dispute.

    • Invalid (single sided liquidity or no validation): the Analyst award is divided equally among High Guard and the creator of the dispute.

A dispute can be initiated in the dispute phase if the result of the verification is incorrect. A dispute can be initiated by any user who has paid the dispute initiation fee. The amount of the fee is set in Procotol Config. The payment is transferred to the smart contract address and held until the reward phase.

If the creator of the dispute was correct (e.g. the verified market outcome did not accurately reflect reality), the dispute creator will receive a reward. The amount of the reward is determined when the dispute is resolved and the market closes.

The presence of a dispute blocks the market closure until the dispute is resolved. The dispute is resolved by the High Guard.

A dispute can be resolved by High Guard, which are a group of NFT holders with an established track record. There is no time limit for dispute resolution, as the priority should always accurately reflect reality. The resolution of the dispute automatically closes the market in the resolution phase.

In the event that the dispute is correct, the dispute creator receives the deposit paid for the creation of the dispute. Additionally, there are four possible High Guard outcomes:

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