Gamification Strategy

The main aim of gamification (the implementation of game design elements in real-world contexts for non-gaming purposes) is to foster human motivation and performance in regard to a given activity (Sailer, 2017). Thus, financial incentives are not the only lever that drive participation in prediction markets. Casinos have perfected the art of gamifying predictions, extending participation by tapping into innate psychological drivers beyond money alone - innate needs for entertainment, status, prestige, and reputation. The more of these needs we can address, the more time and activity we can cultivate from users.

While casinos have spent millions in understanding these drivers and using them to encourage activity, decentralized predictions markets have not, and have failed to create experiences that tap into needs that drive long-term participation. FORE Predict is gamifying decentralized predictions to bring β€œplay-to-earn” to betting by tapping into these innate needs.

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