Rewards And Power

Rewards are provided for correct verification of markets. The reward is provided as additional power. Additional power cannot be bought, it can only be earned. Additional power can be withdrawn in the form of FORE tokens (which will reduce the power). The user cannot pay for the original power (power at mint).

Analysts are rewarded in proportion to the power provided within their respective NFTs. The total power required for market verification is determined by the total market size (sideA + sideB predicted).

Penalties for inaccurate validations also exist asymmetrically to guide user behavior. If the analyst makes an incorrect verification, their NFT and the underlying FORE will be burned. In version 2 (v2), we will introduce a penalty system where you can likely receive two strikes (which decrease your power each time) before losing the NFT. All the accumulated FORE is released and divided between the dispute creator and high guard, creating a negative incentive for faulty validation as a result of inaccurate validation.

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