How to maximize your earnings as a player

As a player, your main goal is to earn a profit by making accurate predictions. To maximize your rewards as a player, there are several strategies you can implement:

Review markets: Before taking a position in any market, carefully review the market and make sure that it is ‘valid’ to avoid any potential disputes. Valid markets include a clear market title, timeframes, and dates. Additionally, the market prompt should be written in a way that elicits a “yes or no” answer and is not ambiguous.

Consider liquidity: Consider participating in markets with higher liquidity as they typically offer more profit potential.

Participate in multiple markets: Take advantage of the platform's diverse prediction options from NFT prices to flight delays, crypto volatility even to the next viral meme. Participating in multiple markets can help diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk. Additionally, understanding the timing of the markets, including market close times, can be used to your advantage, enabling you to receive your rewards quickly and efficiently.

Understand market end and validation times: Keep an eye on both the “market end time” and “validation start time” of markets you will take part in, as holding onto a position to a market that will begin validation in a distant future will result in your tokens being locked up for an extended period of time.

Take advantage of arbitrage opportunities: It's also important to keep an eye out for arbitrage opportunities, as all outcomes start with equal probability. Early adopters and arbitrageurs can use market inefficiencies to their advantage, but this opportunity will decrease over time as more participants join the market. Keep an eye out for arbitrage opportunities within FORE and between FORE and other platforms to maximize.

Do Your Research: It's important to stay up-to-date on current events and market trends. This will help you understand the potential outcomes for your prediction, as well as how you can use this information to make accurate predictions. Understanding market trends is also key to maximizing your earnings on FORE Predict.

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