User Acquisition

Acquire Holders: All users need to be holders in order to participate on the protocol.

Acquiring โ€˜holdersโ€™ is the first step in our user acquisition funnel. All users will need to hold FORE in order to participate on the platform, and so initial focus will be placed on converting community members to holders in order to reduce the friction of conversion in the next stage.

Convert Holders into Users: We want all holders to become users in order to add value to the ecosystem.

Acquiring โ€˜usersโ€™ is the second step in our user acquisition funnel. Initially, this will focus on creators and analysts to create the core infrastructure of the protocol: ensuring plenty of available markets in which to participate, and efficient validation of markets to ensure fast payout.

Convert Users into Players: Players are the most valuable users: we need them to drive revenue to reward all participants.

Acquiring active โ€˜playersโ€™ is critical to driving revenue, and is the final step in our user acquisition funnel. While every participant in the FORE ecosystem is valuable, players bring the cash. The protocol needs players to drive revenue and reward participants, with players expected to make up 80% of the core user base.

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