Play-To-Earn Badges

A series of collectable badge NFTs will be able to be unlocked through productive activity on the protocol, and will be used as a tool to drive engagement across multiple functions. Possible badges to collect will include ‘created X markets’, ‘participated in X markets’, ‘won X markets’, ‘minted X NFTs’, etc., and will enable us to cross-sell users into other roles (specifically, players). Achievements will be paced to drive long-term engagement, and will also be launched in seasons to create a time-constraint, scarcity, and opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships around key events.

  • “In Steering User Behavior with Badges”, Anderson et al, (2013) explore the impact of badges in driving user satisfaction and task meaningfulness, which equates to increased participation. They posit that badges have many functions, serving as goals, if the prerequisites for winning them are known to the player, or as virtual status symbols. Badges can influence players' behavior, leading them to select certain routes and challenges in order to earn the badges that are associated with them. Additionally, as badges symbolize one's membership in a group of those who own this particular badge, they also can exert social influences on players and co-players, particularly if they are rare or hard to earn.

Virtual events, tournaments, metaverse events, and in-person events will also occur.

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