Redistribution of Fees

In a blockchain-based decentralized prediction market, the fees for participation are considerably low because there is no middleman (or house). Not only are fees on FORE Predict much lower than centralized counterparts, the fees are redistributed to all participants for productive activity. As prediction markets are powered by people to determine market outcomes, we believe that the entire prediction ecosystem should be people-powered. Decentralized prediction markets are open, peer-to-peer, public, and borderless networks with no transnational boundaries. Anyone, anywhere, can create a market, participate, or validate a market on anything on FORE Predict- and be rewarded for doing so. Web3, the blockchain ecosystem that shifts power (and value) from centralized entities to the individual, is gaining adoption across a multitude of sectors because web3 protocols aren’t owned by a central entity, but by its users who earn ownership via participation.

In line with this framework, FORE Predict redistributes fees to reward users for all productive activity on the protocol, inverting the traditional prediction model to drive value for all participants. Users can be rewarded for cultivating new activity on the protocol by creating interesting and unique prediction markets. Users can take a position in any market with zero counterparty risk, better odds, incredibly low fees, and transparent and trustless market resolution. Or users can simply be rewarded for simply confirming the outcome of a market.

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