The FORE Mission

Traditional prediction markets are not broken, they’re working exactly as designed. All value is captured by centralized entities - whether casinos, bookmakers, investment banks, insurance companies, or exchanges. The house always wins, as they say.

Can you imagine a casino or bookmaker sharing a percentage of its revenue with all of its participants? Not likely. They, and their shareholders, are profit seekers, and operate in accordance with their own tried and tested incentive structures. With promises of quick profit, while using every trick in the book to extract maximum value, they create a framework of incentives to get users into the door and walk out with less money than when they walked in. Participation in such markets is often unproductive and unprofitable: odds are pre-set against the player, fees are high, and revenue is never shared with its participants.

FORE is here to change that. We exist to democratize, decentralize, and disrupt the predictions landscape as we know it: inverting the traditional prediction model to create sustainable value for all participants. Whether sports, crypto, current affairs, or ad hoc bets made with friends, create, participate in, and validate any market on any real-world event, and earn rewards by doing so. Built on a decentralized network of validators that index real-world outcomes on any real-world event to create a limitless oracle, we’re powered by people to create the first infinitely-scalable predictions protocol.

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