Tiered NFTs

Analysts on FORE Predict will all start with a Blue NFT with the same power, and are able to level up to three subsequent tiers through consecutive successful validations: Silver, Gold, and Black. Each higher tier has a multiplier effect that increases earning potential per validation.

  • While there is a clear financial incentive for Analysts to successfully validate in order to increase their NFT tier for higher rewards, this structure has been found to increase engagement. In β€œThe structural characteristics of esports gaming and their behavioral implications for high engagement”, Mao (2019) found that leveling up increased gamers' tendency to play consecutive matches. By employing this model within our NFTs, we aim to drive consecutive accurate validation: increasing user participation and validation accuracy.

  • According to Social Comparison Theory (*), people evaluate their opinions of themselves based on how they compare to others: achieving the highest tier of a program is highly motivating and provides a sense of accomplishment. These tier structures not only motivate users to reach the upper threshold, but to maintain their status too: users in tiered programs are driven to retain this social lead over their peers in an effort to maintain a consistent image of themselves.

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