Market Types

We have built our MVP around a parimutuel market structure (where users pool funds together and payout odds are determined by their respective share of the winning side relative to the losing side). However, we plan to expand market structures to include several market types and structures based on user demand, including (but not limited to):

  1. Binary Markets: Binary type of markets with A/B outcomes. Its structure is somewhat reminiscent of binary options.

  2. Categorical Markets - The user can take a position on one (or more) of several choices defined by the market creator. For example, “which of the following will be the MVP of the NBA season?”

  3. Parlay Markets - much in the same way parlay bets work currently, parlay markets would payout based on the successful prediction of two or more markets (pre-defined by the market creator)

  4. Ordered Markets - The user can predict the order of pre-defined outcomes as set by the market creator. The most direct comparison for this market type would be an exacta, perfecta or exactor market. For example, “correctly pick the top three horses in a particular race, in exact order”

  5. Floating Point Markets - The user can participate in a market that relates to a floating point number. For example, “what will be the sum of the total minutes played for Messi and Haaland on a certain date?” Users can then guess the number (with the users closest to the actual number winning)

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