How to Claim your FORE Rewards

Learn how to claim your FORE rewards with this step-by-step video tutorial. Our guide will walk you through the process of withdrawing your FORE tokens on FORE predict.

The protocol enters its rewards phase after a market closes and any related disputes are settled. In this final phase, market participants can claim their respective rewards for their productive activity on the protocol. Market creators are rewarded by a percentage of the total market payout. Analysts are rewarded for accurately verifying the outcome of the market, whereas players are rewarded for correctly predicting market outcomes.

Get a visual learning experience by watching our video tutorial on "How to Claim your FORE Rewards" - click here.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim your FORE Rewards.

Step 1: Click “My Portfolio" found on the top left corner of the screen (see image below).

Step 2: Click the “Validations” or "Settled" tab.

Step 3: Choose from the list of markets with "Claim Now" tab.

Step 4: Click “Claim Rewards” in the Market Activity section of the page to check and withdraw your rewards.

Step 5: Click “withdraw” creator reward and “withdraw” prediction reward, whichever is applicable. Note: To achieve a successful validation in order to level up your NFT, you must compound your rewards into the NFT to increase its power. You are free to withdraw the rewards, but this will not increase the earning power of your NFT.

For verification reward, you can click “withdraw power” and “withdraw tokens.”

Step 8: Check your wallet notification to confirm your transaction. Click “Confirm” to indicate that you intend to send the transaction to the blockchain.

Example: In MetaMask, click ‘Confirm’ to approve your transaction.

Step 9: You have successfully withdrawn your FORE rewards.

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