FORE Token

A utility token is an asset that serves a use case within a specific ecosystem, allowing users to perform an action on a certain network. As more people use the product or service, the demand increases for the utility token that allows users access to that product or service. But many projects class their native asset as a utility token, without much real utility to their token at all.

FORE is a true utility token in the sense that it underpins all activity on the protocol, and the value of the token is directly proportional to this activity – as is the token’s hyper-deflationary nature. Through our innovative burn, NFT locked-value, and dispute systems, we are able to effectively and continuously reduce supply as protocol activity increases. This ultimately leads to a shortage in the supply of FORE. While utility tokens can be used to create unique incentive structures that reward productive activity within an ecosystem, many projects do so in an incredibly inflationary way, providing little long term value to the participant. Using FORE as the protocol’s sole currency allows us to invert the incentive model of previous prediction markets and reward all participants in our ecosystem for productive activity in a sustainable way, without ever minting new tokens for rewards.

Instead of minting new tokens, a 5% maintenance fee is imposed on all market participation and used to reward participation to achieve and maintain Protocol Homeostasis: a flywheel of activity that benefits all participants (including the protocol itself).

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