FORE Protocol is a peer-to-peer predictions protocol that enables users to create, participate in, and validate prediction markets in a dynamic and play-to-earn format. FORE Protocol provides the architecture to allow users to create a prediction market for almost any outcome, and rewards them for doing so through the redistribution of protocol fees.

FORE Markets are comprised of four primary roles:

  1. creators create new markets on the protocol

  2. players take a position on the outcome of a market

  3. analysts perform the role of oracle to validate market results

  4. Dispute resolution roles (dispute creators and High Guard) ensure that the analysts are working correctly

The protocol sustainably rewards users for correct predictions as well as for productive activity on the protocol (such as creating and verifying markets).

While analysts are compensated for the accurate verification of market outcomes, incorrect validations are negatively incentivized to ensure market outcomes correctly reflect reality. Furthermore, FORE has designed and implemented an innovative dispute resolution mechanism that allows for a final check and referee should market participants disagree on an outcome.

FORE's dynamic burn mechanism ensures that the protocol is strictly deflationary - providing value for participants and holders as activity on the platform increases.

The protocol is transparent and safe for users. The FORE team has no access to user funds.

To understand the words and terminology used in the documentation, we advise you to have a look at the glossary.

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