How to Take a Position in a Market

Get started as a player on FORE markets with our easy-to-follow guide. We'll walk you through the process of taking a position in a market on FORE Predict.

Players are protocol participants who take a position in any market. FORE Predict's tokenized approach is designed to help market participants gain access to more liquid, decentralized, and varied prediction, insurance, and hedging options. Meanwhile, players enjoy zero-counterparty risk, better odds, incredibly low fees, and transparent and trustless market resolution.

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Step-by-step guide on how to take a position in a market on FORE:

Step 1: The Player section can be found on the FORE Predict's home page. You can also click "Player" or use the upper left corner of the screen to access the "Player" tab (see image below).

Step 2: Scroll through the listed markets to find a market of interest. To quickly locate the desired market, users can search for the market’s title, filter the result by category, sort by market position, or click on tags.

To search by keyword: Type a keyword related to the market you are looking for into the search bar and click "enter."

To filter by category: Click on the drop-down menu next to "Category" in the screen’s middle right. Click on any category of interest (Sports, Politics, Crypto, Finance, Esports, Weather, Social).

To search by tags: Click on the 'Tags' tab in the market’s upper right.

To search by market position: Click the "Sort by" tab in the screen’s middle right. Click on any of the listed groups (Vol low to high, Vol high to low, Newest markets, Prediction ending).

Step 3: To take a position, Click 'YES' or 'NO' under a market.

Step 4: Users must 'approve' spend in Metamask before participating in a market.

Step 5: Input your chosen amount into the box next to 'Position Weight'. Users must hold FORE and ETH on the Arbitrum network to proceed. Anyone with FORE tokens in their wallet can make a prediction about the outcome of a market by voting FORE tokens on either side of the market. When you add a prediction, the amount of your prediction is added to the overall size of the market.

Step 6: Click the "TAKE POSITION" button to confirm.

Step 7: Check your wallet notification to confirm your transaction. This indicates that you intend to send the transaction to the blockchain.

Example: In MetaMask, click ‘Confirm’ to approve your transaction.

Step 8: Once the transaction is complete, you will be prompted with a confirmation message that you have successfully voted [xxx FORE] on [YES] or [NO]. You can click ‘Go to Market’ to view the market overview. Alternatively, you can X out of the alert box to return to the previous screen.

Step 9: Click ‘My Portfolio’ to view your markets.

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