Fore Protocol

FORE Protocol

Incentivizing the wisdom of the crowd to bring real-world data to the blockchain.
Our world is people-powered, and centralized entities are increasingly utilizing people’s behavior and activity to problem-solve, predict outcomes, and generate revenue. But while the power of people has been realized, it is rarely rewarded. Until now. FORE Protocol has created a tokenized incentive economy to mobilize (and reward) the wisdom of the crowd to problem-solve at scale. In doing so, FORE Protocol utilizes a decentralized network of people to bridge the gap between the real-world and the blockchain: forming the foundation for web3 solutions that remove friction from real-world industries. A myriad of decentralized applications can be built on this infinitely-scalable architecture, including:
  • FORE PREDICT (a peer-to-peer predictions platform)
  • FORE ORACLE (a crowd-sourced decentralized oracle)
  • FORE SIGHT (a business intelligence application)
  • FORE AUDIT (crowdsourced financial auditing tool)
  • FORE RESOURCE (HR management tool)
FORE Predict, the first decentralized application (or dApp) built on FORE Protocol is democratizing, decentralizing, and disrupting the predictions market by building an infinitely scalable peer-to-peer predictions protocol, powered by people. Users can enter a limitless world of predictions spanning sports, current affairs, crypto, and more, and enjoy zero counterparty risk, better odds, and incredibly low fees.
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